An Overview of the Complex Restorative and Reconstructive dentistrY Available at Harding Dental Group

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Healthy teeth and gums look good, of course, but they’re also vital for overall good physical health. 

As we age, our dental needs become more complex. Our dental histories and dental heredities influence our smiles. Yesterday’s fillings, crowns and decay treatments can pose new challenges today.

General health issues are also important; heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses can affect our mouths. And the health of our teeth and gums can affect the rest of our bodies.

Dentists and patients should both be alert to new developments in medicine and dentistry that affect the mouth and the body. Every few years the dental landscape changes dramatically, with new techniques, technologies and materials to improve and restore dental health.

At Harding Dental Group, we are strongly committed to continuing our education, always staying up-to-date on important developments in dental care and most importantly sharing that information with you our patients. 

Gum Disease
state-of-the-art treatment

Bleeding gums and bad breath are not healthy. If your gums bleed easily, are red, swollen or tender, or have pulled away from your teeth, you likely have some level of gum disease, or periodontitis. If you have bad breath, loose teeth, or your teeth now fit together differently, you may have advanced periodontal disease. Though it starts in the gums, periodontitis infects the teeth, and may lead to loss of teeth or of jaw bone. Find out more about our gum disease treatment.



Clenching, grinding and bruxing teeth can cause a variety of dental problems, damaging the gums and wearing down the teeth, or even breaking them. Over time, bruxism changes the aesthetics of the teeth and smile.  Dr. Harding can treat grinding and help prevent further damage by fashioning custom mouth guards for patients to wear at night.


(temporomandibular joint syndrome) / Headache Treatment

Chronic neuromuscular problems and TMJ/ TMD is caused by misalignment of the joints on either side of the face, the ones that attach the jaw to the skull. This misalignment causes pain in the head, face, neck, and shoulders. Successful treatment requires finding the proper position for the jaw, and then crafting a mouth guard to maintain the proper position. Dr. Harding has the complex equipment and training needed to treat TMJ.



Dental implants are comfortable and long-lasting replacements for damaged teeth. Compared to bridges and dentures, fitting and implanting these restorations is a lengthy process involving specialized equipment. Unlike other dentists, James Harding DDS has all the equipment needed for most dental implant procedures right in our South Fork and Alamosa offices.



Dentures are a time-tested restorative solution for patients missing all or most teeth. Today’s attractive dentures are made from sturdy acrylic, enabling patients to smile, chew and talk within a comparatively short time. Dentures must be removed from the mouth every night, and they require some additional cleaning to prevent discomfort in the mouth. 



For some patients missing only a few teeth, implants may not be possible because of health or time considerations. Such patients may prefer a bridge, which is natural-looking false tooth fused between two porcelain crowns. Bridges remain in the mouth 24 hours a day. The gum surface around a bridge requires a little extra care to remain healthy.


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