Dr. Harding produces a beautiful denture that can be retained in three different ways and make you look younger in the process

New You Dentures
A Difference You Can See

Dr. Harding has received special training in the creation of New You Dentures.  Only a fraction of dentists in the world know or have been trained in this advanced denture technique at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry (LVI).



GOOD - ECONOMY DENTURES are designed to be mass produced in approximate small, medium and large sizing.  These dentures usually don't fit well as might be expected or look as attractive as possible, but are very low in price.  Dr. Harding does not do or recommend economy dentures.

BETTER - TRADITIONAL DENTURES are the next step up in the denture world, they have a better fit, are more designed for your palate, but don't compensate for the sunken in look caused by bone loss.  Dr. Harding's office does not produce traditional, non-cosmetic dentures, but can refer you to dentists that do provide them.

BEST - NEW YOU DENTURES  are the denture produced by Dr. Harding.  The reason is in the design.  When you become edentulous (without teeth) your jaw bone begins receding creating the sunken-in look associated with dentures.  This look can be overcome with a denture that is designed to fill out the upper lip and lower jaw returning the youthful fullness to your face.  To accomplish this requires a skilled aesthetic eye to understand the 'golden ratio' of what makes our faces attractive and youthful.  Digital laboratory imaging and the use of porcelain that mimics the strength and translucency of real teeth ensures a completely undetectable and natural appearance.   By skillfully crafting your New You Dentures using a unique cantilever process, your New You Denture can actually return the fullness to your face.  Patients often look ten years younger and have friends complimenting that they look younger and refreshed.


New You Dentures give you the look you want, regardless of how you choose to have them retained in your mouth.  But your choice of how to retain your New You Dentures also offer you increasingly useful benefits.  The three retention options are 1.  Glue-In; 2. Snap-On/Snap-Off and 3. Permanent, Non-Removable.

DAILY GLUED-IN - Affordability and Great Looks
Your New You Denture is retained using conventional denture glue.  While the look and cosmetic benefit of New You Dentures is high, the chewing/biting power is no better or worse than any other denture due to the limitations of the glued-in holding power.  Glued-in dentures can also lead to a potential loss of taste due to the upper palate being covered. The key advantage is affordability.  You can also choose glued-in dentures initially and later upgrade to the better implant retained versions.

DAILY SNAP-ON/SNAP-OFF - Experience 50-90% of Chewing/Biting Power, Ability to Taste Food Better and Increased Confidence
An implant-supported denture can be used when a person doesn't have any teeth in the jaw, but has enough bone in the jaw to support implants.  Jaw bone loss can also supplemented with bone grafts.  

An implant-supported New You Denture has special attachments that snap onto complimentary attachments on the dental implants. You 'snap' your denture on each day and 'snap' them of each night when you go to bed.  The chewing and biting power increases with the number of implants that retain the denture.  Three implants per arch would have about 50% of the biting power of natural teeth.  Four implants per arch would have up to 90% of the chewing/biting power of real teeth.

Taste is another benefit of implant retained snap-on/snap-off dentures.  Because there is no need for the upper arch to be solid to give enough surface area for glue to retain it, the upper arch can be left open allowing for a full sensation of taste.  In addition to chewing power, this is a highly rated reason that patients choose this retention option.

PERMANENT, IMPLANT RETAINED (ALL-ON-4) 90% Chewing Power, Completely Natural Looking, Full Taste, Youthful Appearance and  the Convenience of Being Permanently Attached. 
The ultimate in dentures!  This version of New You Dentures (also known as 'All-On-4') is permanently mounted on dental implants placed in your upper and/or lower jaw.  The New You Denture is then mounted using screws that are covered with tooth colored material to create a completely natural, fully functional complete set of teeth that you never remove.  They are completely undetectable from real teeth and solve a multitude of dental problems in one effective procedure. 

The dental implants that solidly secure your New You Dentures effectively diminish or stop jaw bone loss; the open palate design allows for full taste and temperature sensation; the permanent attachment enables you to literally forget that you have dentures and the New You Dentures technique provides the youthful cosmetic benefit that will leave you looking years younger.