If you want to achieve a younger, more attractive smile then porcelain veneers are the answer.  

Veneers can change the the shape, color and alignment of your teeth and the results can be as subtle or dramatic as you want.  

Dr. Harding will meticulously craft extremely thin layers of porcelain to achieve the exact look you want.  Unlike veneers of the past that used thicker, less translucent material, porcelain veneers appear completely natural and are highly translucent.

Why do porcelain veneers make us appear younger? After the age of 40 the arches of our teeth begin to narrow and leave us with a smile that is not as wide as it once was.  This narrowing process doesn't let our side teeth show as much as they used to and where we used to see teeth we see dark spaces.  Dr. Harding uses veneers to fill out this dark space and create a wider, more visible smile.

You even have the option of trying on a set of temporary veneers to see how you like the look before committing to the permanent versions.  

Porcelain veneers last up to 15 years and don't change color, making them a lasting value in creating a youthful smile.


composite bonding  Thanks to the skill of dr harding bonding is an affordable alternative to veneers.

An affordable option to porcelain veneers is composite bonding.  Dr. Harding uses tooth-colored resin bonded to you tooth to reshape your tooth.  Composite bonding doesn't require impressions or lab work so the procedure can be done in one visit.  The difference in composite bonding versus the more expensive veneers lies in the material used.  Bonding uses composite resin made with fine particles of glass which is less shiny than veneers.  A bonded tooth can be expected to last approximately 8 to 12 years and unlike porcelain is more prone to staining.  However, for many patients, the look is just what they want at a price they can afford.