Teeth whitening is the fast, safe and affordable way to achieve a fresh new look to your smile.  The process can be done in two ways, in-office for immediate whitening results or with a professional whitening kit that you take home that can produce the same results over the course of few uses.  

Weddings, job interviews, anniversaries, class reunions, retirement, graduation...our patients come to us for a variety of reasons but they all leave with the same response, 'I love my white teeth'.

Store bought Bleaching Strips versus Professional dental options

Store bought whitening strips remove only surface stains.  If your teeth are relatively white versus 20 to 30 years of discoloration, you will need to use multiple kits to achieve substantive results.  Bleaching strips have about a 15 minute effective potency before you need to change them.  The results are gradual over time.

in-office whitening treatments with dr. Harding can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in an hour

The fastest way to have a dramatic change in your tooth color is an in office whitening session with Dr. Harding's team.  This option is particularly useful if you need immediate results.  Many of our patients have a photo session, wedding or reunion coming up and don't have the time to gradually whiten their teeth using trays.

Professional take-home whitening kits for spotless smiles

The professional whitening kits that we make for our patients include a custom design mouthpiece / whitening tray that match the scalloping of your gumline precisely so every part of your smile is covered with the whitening gel.  The trays are long lasting and you can use them for years to come for future touch-ups.