You may not have thought about a dentist as a person who can help you with headaches, but in reality, headaches are quite often associated with our bite being out of alignment. Dr. Harding practices a type of advanced dentistry called neuromuscular dentistry that goes beyond simply repairing teeth to a deep understanding of how our whole bite works together to provide good overall health.  It is a fascinating field where Dr. Harding has become one the premier instructors to other dentists from around the world at LVI (Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry).   One of the benefits of this approach to dentistry is the elimination or reduction of headaches due to TMJ or TMD.  

The process begins with an examination of your current bite and the gathering of your health history.  From there Dr. Harding uses the latest technology to establish where you correct bite should be.  It really is quite fascinating to find out just how far off our teeth can become for a variety of reasons including incorrect orthodontics you might have had as a child.  After this examination a custom treatment plan will be created for you.

One of the treatment plan techniques involves a painless, clear (almost invisible), oral appliance that is created to move your jaw and teeth into their proper bite position.  By wearing this appliance and moving your bite, it can offer relief of the imbalance and jaw muscle tension that can cause such painful, ongoing headaches in many patients.  

Dr. Harding may also recommend the movement of your teeth using Orthodontic Facial Orthopedics.  This technique involves gently moving your teeth to the correct permanent position.  Surprising to many patients is that you can actually build jaw bone and reshape the proportions of the face to achieve the most attractive proportions as well as the healthiest bite and smile.

Not surprisingly, many patients have spent years suffering from headaches before they discovered this area of dentistry can help them.  There is no need to suffer another day when you can start living a headache free life again simply by calling Dr. Harding.  We can help.