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A veneer is a thin, tooth-shaped shell placed onto the front of your tooth to hide imperfections like stains and chips. At Harding Dental Group, we have veneers custom-made in a lab to fit your smile perfectly. The shells are made of a white porcelain material that looks natural and mimics the appearance of enamel.

Veneers fix many cosmetic issues people face with their smiles, including stains and discolorations. They are also an excellent solution for correcting minor alignment issues or gaps between teeth. Veneers are an excellent cosmetic dentistry option because they can drastically improve the smile's appearance while protecting the teeth's structure. Porcelain is durable and cannot be damaged as quickly as natural tooth structure. 

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The Procedure for Veneers 

To place porcelain veneers, our dentist will first prepare your teeth by removing a small amount of enamel from the surface. Then, an impression will be made of your smile and sent to our lab where your custom-made veneers will be fabricated just for you. Once your veneers are made, you’ll return to our office, where they’ll be bonded to the fronts of your teeth.

Each set of veneers is custom-made for each patient to ensure an optimal fit. Before bonding begins, our dentist will fit each veneer onto your tooth to ensure it fits and looks right. Once both you and our dentist are satisfied with the fit and look of your veneers, the bonding process will begin by applying a special light-activated resin to the prepared tooth and hardening it with a curing light. After the resin has hardened, your veneers will be polished, and your new smile will be ready to be shared with the world! 

The Benefits of Veneers 

If you are unhappy with your smile because of visible cracks, chips, discoloration, gaps, or even misaligned teeth, veneers may be the right option for your smile makeover. Unlike crowns, which cover your entire tooth, veneers only cover the front-facing side of your teeth. Veneers are thin shells of ceramic bonded to the front of your teeth using a particular type of cement that is hardened with a curing light or laser. 

Because they are custom-made to fit your mouth and your needs, you can feel confident that they will address all of your concerns regarding the appearance of your smile. They are also stain-resistant, so your newly enhanced smile won’t get discolored by common things like coffee, tea, or wine.

While you will still need to brush and floss them the same way you do your natural teeth, you won’t have to worry about whitening treatments to keep them looking great. 

You should continue to schedule twice-yearly cleanings and exams with your dentist to ensure your teeth are healthy and the veneers are holding up. For more information, visit Harding Dental Group at 688 Del Sol Drive, Alamosa, CO 81101, or call (719) 589-2257.



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